How to buy the book

Fastest and Least Expensive

Amazon is both the fastest and cheapest way to buy the book.  Simply click here and you’ll have it most likely within 72 hours.

Most Supportive of the Author:
Buying directly from the author is always the best way to show your support and appreciation.

To order simply click on the PayPal link ( for $36)

The author makes the full difference between the wholesale and retail cost today, instead of a $2 royalty a year from now.  The only downside is that it will not be delivered to your door by drone within 30 minutes of ordering. 

In fact, orders are only fulfilled once a week on a Tuesday.  So, expect your copy to arrive about 10 days after you order it. To make up for that Mr. Melville autographs every copy bought from him directly and will add a personal note in it upon request. Plus shipping is included.

American Time Bomb is currently available at the following places:


American Time Bomb is also available at Apple Books and wherever audiobooks are sold.